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Who doesn't love a nice handmade gift? Shopping with us through our Etsy shop actually generates two gifts at one time:  One for you and one for us! (and "twofers" are totally awesometastic, right? :o) 

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Welcome toEpic Farms

To God goes the glory!

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A little bit about us

                                  Epic Farms is a very small family run non profit in Southeast Alabama. Our goal is to share the world of

                                 horses with everyone we can through a variety of horse happy educational programs (because life and

                                 learning are lots more fun with horses!) We have lots of online places to visit; on Facebook, Etsy,

                                 Instagram, Hub Pages and more. 


Farm visits and programs are by appointment only, as we live here (and it would be a little scary to have random strangers knocking on our door at all hours don'tcha know - I mean, what if I had "housecleaning hair"? ;o) 

We are a work in progress, but examples of our programs (in various stages of readiness) are: Horses 101 (based on the "All About Horses" currclick curriculum), Horses in Scripture (my own design), Body Language 101 (my own design), A Science Unit (on equine eyesight, teeth and bone structure), among others.

As a non profit, we rely on your generous support. Being small and family run means that we pretty much operate on a shoestring budget (and sometimes that shoestring can get pretty doggone frayed). Basically what that means is we use a LOT of duct tape and band-aids around here :o) Would you like to help? There are lots of ways you can help us in addition to making a monetary donation.  

Please read below to see some ways you can lend us a helping hoof....Thank you so much!