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Bella is considered a Half Arabian (although it's more like 98.9%). She was bred for the show ring - though we don't - and has what is called a "teacup" muzzle (tiny). Although it's not quite small enough to fit in a teacup, it does fit nicely into the small mixing bowl Jen uses to make carrot cake. Bella happily washes it out any time she needs to (see photo above).

Unfortunately, this [desired by the show crowd] delicate muzzle came with a heavy price. Bella suffered from retained caps (a lack of room inside her mouth which caused her teeth to grow downward, instead of upward). Thankfully, this was a correctable issue, and Bella wound up with her very own Orthodontist (we were quite relieved she didn't need braces ;o)

Though she does not particularly care to be petted, Bella is friendly if the price is right (the promise of a treat). We are fairly certain that Bella is smarter than than the rest of us, and she is definitely our resident Rocket Scientist. Her favorite place to be is on her pedestal, and she will do anything you ask (as well as things you didn't) for a treat. She has made it her mission to protect her hapless human (Jen) from any and all dangers in the pasture.

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