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Champ's Slideshow


Affectionately known as, "The Big Red Moo" Champ's favorite thing to do (as his nickname suggests) is eat.  He is 16.2 hands high and weighs about 1,200 lbs.  He's a Tennessee Walking Horse, but we think he might have a Clydesdale or two hiding somewhere in his family tree.  One of his shoulders is twisted, giving him poor conformation and making him unsuitable for showing.  He tends to lumber and amble when it comes to moving about; although he has been known to kick up his heels once in awhile.

Champ's other favorite things to do is play with the water hose.  He loves to get a bath (though it's a bit like washing a furry tractor trailer), and we have to keep an eye on him at bath time because if we're not careful he'll grab the hose for a drink. Would you like to know his favorite thing to eat?  Believe it or not, it's worm paste(eeeeeeeew!)  The appeal completely escapes us, but Champ says it's an acquired taste.  I think I'll just take his word for it. BLECH.

Champ came along with Shadow, his best friend. The two had been together for several years and we just didn't have the heart to separate them. We're awfully glad we didn't, as he's turned out to be a pretty cool dude  ;o)



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