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Lady is a purebred Polish Arabian and a Bask granddaughter. She had a fairly successful show career, and came to us with Rina by her side from a Arabian breeding farm that was closing down. In her early 20s, Lady is​ our resident Matriarch and mother to Rina and Taya. The three of them are most often found together; we often find all three stuffed in the same stall during a thunderstorm (and a fairly tight squeeze that is, let me tell you ;o)  She does, however, seem to appreciate a bit of quiet solitude from time to time.

She is proud of her "blue" blood, and has been known to be a teensy bit haughty. She is also extremely persnickety; particularly when it comes to grasshoppers trespassing in her trough, which is NOT acceptable; and must be rectified immediately. Lady is impressively stubborn and has been known to throw spectacular hissy fits (though thankfully not under saddle).

Lady was extremely antisocial when she arrived, but after about 3 or 4 years she began began to thaw, and now actively seeks our attention. She has decided - for the most part - that perhaps bipeds are not quite as awful as she originally thought (we're so proud ;o) 

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