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The Madness of Max

Max (along with Cinnamon) is one of our "accidental" rescues. He is a fun-loving kind of guy; although his idea of fun and everyone else's are rarely the same. Max is our resident hoovenile delinquent, and takes great pride in his uncanny ability to annoy his herdmates (and anyone else in the vicinity).

He is the obnoxious little brother that Shadow never wanted, although for reasons we can't quite figure out, the two are often together. Max is a Quarter Horse, and exceptionally smart (most of the time). He loves to climb and stand on the things he shouldn't (e.g. his gate and his stall) and is a whiz at figuring out how to be somewhere he shouldn't be.

Max is spatially challenged, and was so desperate for attention we spent the first portion of his life here simply fending him off.  Armed with the knowledge that somewhere - underneath all that dunderhead - lurked an awesome equine, we set about to find it. After nearly two very long years of trying to find something (anything) that resembled desirable behavior, he finally got his first reward. The change was almost instantaneous. Max has come a long way, though he is still a work in progress (but now it's fun ;o)

Welcome toEpic Farms

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