Whether you're interested in bible journaling,  bullet journaling, prayer or personal journaling, this is the program for you. Not sure? Learn about the different ways there are to journal and the options available. Explore your creative side with crafty covers,  layout ideas, writings prompts and more!

Activity: Participants will start a journal in a category of their choosing. They will decorate the cover, learn how to do a layout page, and also pick a prompt for their very first journal entry. All supplies will be provided for this activity.

Category: Foreign Language, Social Studies (culture)

Curious about your family roots? Explore genealogy basics using Family Search (online). If you have a laptop or tablet, please bring it along (we'll provide the WiFi ;o) If not, it's okay, I can use mine and do the search for you. *

Please Note: Although we welcome everyone, if you have a foster child or they were adopted, this program may not be suitable for your group (we don't want to see anyone's feelings hurt).

Activity: Participants will fill out and make a two to four generation family tree.  *All supplies for this activity are provided, with the exception of a laptop.

Category: Family Tree, History

Requirement: Horse 1.0

Already been to the farm for Horses 1.0 and 2.0? Want to visit again-again? Come on back for Horses 3.0! Learn more in-depth information about horses and the basics of equine body language (another favorite!) Weather and equine attitudes permitting, participants can have an individual picture taken with one of the horses.

Activity: Word puzzles, coloring sheets and a photo session (silly sunglasses are optional). Photo can be taken by the accompanying adult, or by us. If by us, the photo will be available in digital format only and can either be texted or emailed.

Category: Animal Instincts, Animal Behavior

Learn to fingerspell the alphabet and sign numbers 1-10 in American Sign Language.  Explore what it means to be deaf, learn about Deaf culture and discover some fun facts. This program can be tailored to match the needs and/or interests of the group. (e.g. if your group can already spell, we can review the alphabet and move on to numbers and some simple signs).

Activity: Participants will make a multi-page foldable about the things they've learned. All supplies will be provided for this activity.

Category: Language, Foreign Language, Social Studies (culture)

Horses 3.0

Horses 2.0

Requirement: Horses 1.0

If you're interested in the scientific side of horses, then this is the program for you! Learn how horses see the world and look through their eyes. Discover interesting information about their bones and teeth as compared to ours.

Activity: TBA

Category: Field Trip, Equine Anatomy, Science

This program is a required starting point for ALL visitors prior to participating in any other farm program (listed below). Participants must take this program before being able to select from a secondary program listed below. Learn basic horse safety and equine-related vocabulary along with interesting and fun facts about horses.  Explore the various horse breeds (we have several) and learn about all the different kinds of tack and equipment people use with horses.  Visitors will be able to pet the horses and we might even have some treats for you to give them too. Weather and participants permitting, a group picture will be taken. Picture will be available in digital format only through email or a text.

Category: Field Trip, Animals, General Studies

Requirement: Horses 1.0

Requirement: Horse 1.0

Requirement: Horses 1.0

Horses in scripture

Please read this first...

Requirement: Horses 1.0

The scientific stuff


If you've already participated in Horses 1.0 and had such a good time you'd like set up another farm visit, please do! This program picks up where Horses 1.0 left off.  Learn more about horses, herd  dynamics (pecking order) and explore the fascinating world of personality traits (my favorite!) Weather and equine attitudes permitting, participants can have an individual picture taken with one of the horses.

Activity: TBA

Category: Field Trip, Animal Behavior, General Studies

Journal with Jen

With the exception of Horses 1.0 (the required first step), and the two subsequent programs Horses 2.0 and 3.0, any of our programs can be selected (and in any order). Because of liability issues and the terrifying cost of insurance premiums, we are not able to allow any visitors to ride the horses.  There will be a nominal fee for each program participant to cover the cost of supplies.  Parents are expected to remain with their children for the duration of the farm visit/program. Programs will last anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on content and the number of participants. Each program will include an activity that relates to the information covered, which is the reason for the fee.  I would like to happily remind you that Epic Farms is a small non-profit organization that runs on donations; so any contributions above and beyond the basic fees would be greatly appreciated! All visitors (grownups too ;o) are expected to follow the farm rules; if you won't obey then you don't stay (we just want to keep everyone safe, including the horses). While most visitors are by referral, that's not always the case. If you live in Southeast Alabama and are a homeschool family, sunday school class or other small group interested in a farm visit, please use the form on the contact page to send me your information and indicate the best times to reach you. I'm  more than happy to call you to discuss a visit! 

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Family Tree with Me

Horses 1.0

Requirement: Horse 1.0

A-B-C With Me

To God goes the glory!

Does God have a special place in His heart for horses? We think so! Explore what the Lord says about horses through scripture. Learn some interesting facts about animals in the bible. If you have a bible, please bring it with you. If you don't, we'll have one to share. 

Activity: Participants will receive a framed copy of their favorite scripture to decorate. All supplies will be provided for this activity.

Category: Animals, History, Bible-Based Learning

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