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Shadow is a Tennessee Walking Horse (TWH for short) and has a heart as big as the world. He is the {self-appointed} sometimes* leader of the Moo Crew, a total Drama Queen, Resident Egomaniac and Treat Vacuum. He is also the official farm mascot. Champ is his pasture pal and a very good friend he is, as he allows Shadow to continue to believe he is in charge of absolutely everything on the planet. 

Shadow absolutely loves people (particularly the ones who comment on how terribly handsome he is),  and he also likes lots and lots and LOTS of attention from his adoring fans (his words, not ours). He has his very own blankie to help him through the DramaMama moments in his more difficult days. Blankie resulted in the culmination of Shadow's alter-ego: Supershadow. We're not kidding. I mean who would make this stuff up?

*Reality: If something scary is happening, like fireworks, (or a ferocious squirrel is on the loose) Champ is totally in charge because Shadow went somewhere to hide. He is the first to flee at such times; and usually runs over half of his herd mates in the process.



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